Mapping COM ports on IGEL thin clients

I like thin clients by IGEL. The hardware is robust and the operating system is very flexible and intuitive.

But what is very confusing is how the COM ports work on different models. We wanted to map them into Citrix sessions, but we had to create different configurations for different models:

  • On the M340C, we simply had to pass COM1 as COM1.
  • On the UD9 BT, we had to pass COM2 as COM1. I don't really understand why.
  • On the M350C, we had to pass USB COM1 as COM1. I guess that's because the COM port isn't really a COM port, it's just a COM to USB adapter, directly attached to the mainboard.

One might ask why we need COM ports, when there is USB: We have a software which supports only serial barcode scanners on Citrix.

Published on 2022-06-11, 10:49 +0000