vMotion stops at 21%

When trying to move virtual machines away from one of our ESXi servers, the vMotion process fails at 21% with error 195887371.

I discovered lots of sites (like this and this) describing to check the network settings and service bindings. But the settings were all correct.

In the end, we had to move away the virtual machines manually by first powering them off and then we had to reboot the ESXi server. In addition, we also found out that some RAM modules failed and we had to replace them.

I don't exactly know wether the reboot or the RAM replacement did the trick, but I guess, it was the reboot.

Published on 2022-02-01, 20:09 +0000

Re-assigning tokens in ESET Secure Authentication

Recently, I accidentally deleted the information which hardware token is assigned to which user in ESET Secure Authentication (ESET SA).

Luckily, there is a log file (%ProgramData%\ESET Secure Authentication\logs\EsaCore.log) which states which token was revoked from which user:


One problem is that it doesn't state the usernames but the GUID. The next problem is that the GUID mentioned in the log file is not the GUID stored in Active Directory.

I found out that ESET SA stores its data in a SQLite database. I opened the file %ProgramData%\ESET Secure Authentication\db\Users.db using SQLite Database Browser. With this file, I found out which GUID is associated to which AD user and could re-assign most of the tokens to its users.

Published on 2022-01-28, 19:18 +0000

PST file suddenly demanding password

A user has two PST files in her Outlook. Suddenly Outlook asked for a password, but the user never set a password.

The explaination for this behaviour was that Outlook somehow created new data files with the same name, but in a different folder. I removed the wrong files from her Outlook and attached the correct ones.

Published on 2022-01-27, 09:40 +0000

Windows Update error 80072f8f

Recently, I wanted to install updates on a server with Windows Server 2012 R2. Searching for and installing updates failed with error code 80072f8f. The server should download its updates from a WSUS server in a different (but trusted) Windows domain.

Common measures like using wuauclt or dism didn't work. After doing some research, I found out that the server didn't trust the WSUS server's HTTPS certificate. After deploying the root certificate using GPO and a restart, Windows Update worked again.

Again a simple problem with a simple solution. But it's difficult to find the solution…

Published on 2022-01-25, 18:07 +0000

Blogging again - kind of…

Years ago, I had a blog. As the years went by, I lost the interest in blogging (I also posted some weird articles) and I depublished it.

During the last years, I always had the urge to post some short notes and thoughts without writing a complete article at my homepage. I also always wanted to try a web framework. So I decided to combine both things and this is it.

I call this "notes" because this is not a full blog in my opinion. It lacks a commenting function and other things. The posts will also be rather short.

I decided to post in english, because I want to practice my english and want to reach a broader audience.
I will post from time to time when I think there is a need to do so.

The software is self-written, using Django and Bootstrap 5. Yes, I was lazy and wanted to try new things. The software is very simple, serving only the content. When it is mature enough, I will publish the source code some day.

Published on 2022-01-24, 18:27 +0000