"Imagine" cover by arising music

Great "Imagine" cover by arising music, featuring Lena Thon, a friend of mine (click on the image to watch the video on YouTube):

Imagine Cover 2022 | arising music

Published on 2022-04-17, 09:39 +0000

110 years since the sinking of the Titanic

Today it's been 110 years since the Titanic sank.

I recently discovered this real time animation of the sinking and I like it (click on the image to watch the video on YouTube):

Titanic Sinks REAL TIME

Great work by the people of Titanic: Honor and Glory!

Published on 2022-04-14, 18:26 +0000

Electronic billboard in Bochum: No boot device

Saw an electronic billboard in Bochum, that was not able to boot its operating system (click to view larger version):

No boot device on eletronic billboard

There are two possible explanations for this:

  1. There is a local boot disk like a hard or a flash drive that failed.
  2. The billboard boots using PXE. The billboard could not load its boot image from the central server, possibly because the internet or VPN connection failed.

Published on 2022-04-11, 10:12 +0000

Outlook 365 behaving strangely

After doing a cross-forest migration (see here), the Outlook 365 of one of our users behaved strangely. We faced the following phenomenona:

  • Sent items was empty, although cache mode was enabled and the cache was up-to-date
  • Address auto-complete didn't work
  • Mails got stuck in Outbox, but could be sent by clicking on the Send/receive button (Outlook was configured to send immediately)

Outlook stated that it was connected to Exchange. What made this even more strange was that Outlook didn't always behave like this, mostly after every second start.

I tried several things. I removed all Outlook data from %appdata% and %localappdata%. Didn't work. I removed all Office-related data from the registry. No effect. Quick Repair did nothing. Even Online Repair didn't fix this behaviour.

As a last resort, I used Microsoft's uninstall tool (Office scrub) to completely remove Office and do a fresh installation. And this finally fixed the user's issues. I have no idea what was wrong, but I'm glad I could fix it.

Published on 2022-04-06, 19:54 +0000

RMV ticket machine in Oestrich-Winkel: LXTerminal

Found an old photo in my archive. On 2018-06-17, I saw a RMV ticket machine at the Oestrich-Winkel railway station, where the upper display failed and showed a Linux terminal (click to view larger version):

LXTerminal on ticket machine

As I already said, the upper display normally shows advertisements and upcoming train departures.

Here, the display shows a LXTerminal with several error messages. This leads to the conclusion that these machines use a Linux system with the LXDE desktop environment.

Published on 2022-04-03, 18:46 +0000