While migrating one AD domain to another, I stumbled into the legacyExchangeDN problem.

We had a lot of of global mail contacts in the first domain pointing to recipients in the other domain and vice versa. Many users had cached contacts in Outlook that ceased to work after migrating to the other domain generating IMCEAEX non-delivery reports.

So we had to fix this by adding the legacyExchangeDN string of the mail contacts as a X500 proxy address.

Luckily this does not affect mailboxes migrated using Exchange's forest migration feature. The legacyExchangeDN is properly migrated.

Some good information on this topic:



Published on 2022-02-17, 20:45 +0000

Public Servers in Cisco ASDM

Recently I tried to rebuild some port forwarding rules on a Cisco ASA using Cisco ASDM. I wanted to use the Public Server feature. Strangely it didn't allow me to create port forwarding rules on the public interface IP. It got the following error message:

The public address cannot be the same as the public interface address.

I don't understand this, because using plain NAT rules works just well on the interface IP.

I built the NAT rules in the following way and it works fine for me:

Screenshot of a NAT rule in Cisco ASDM

Published on 2022-02-09, 20:05 +0000

Source code for this site

Here is the source code for this site / web application:

This is is somewhat like a premiere to me, because I released the source code under the terms of the terms of the GNU AGPL 3.0.

Published on 2022-02-05, 20:05 +0000

Moving Citrix PVS database

Contrary to CTX130499, it worked perfectly fine for me to move the Citrix PVS database while the workers were online. The only thing that was important, was that offline database had to be enabled.

Published on 2022-02-03, 20:01 +0000

vMotion stops at 21%

When trying to move virtual machines away from one of our ESXi servers, the vMotion process fails at 21% with error 195887371.

I discovered lots of sites (like this and this) describing to check the network settings and service bindings. But the settings were all correct.

In the end, we had to move away the virtual machines manually by first powering them off and then we had to reboot the ESXi server. In addition, we also found out that some RAM modules failed and we had to replace them.

I don't exactly know wether the reboot or the RAM replacement did the trick, but I guess, it was the reboot.

Published on 2022-02-01, 20:09 +0000