vCenter installation stuck at 80%

I wanted to upgrade our VMware vCenter from 6.7 to 7.0 and ran into a problem, where the installation got stuck at 80%.

Luckily, I found this post, where the author had the exact same constellation:

Yes, the ESXi host where the vCenter should be installed, had a free license. I changed to a trial license and the installation of vCenter did continue immediately.

Published on 2022-06-09, 19:14 +0000

Error 0x00000709 when setting default printer

Removing everything related to printers from the registry keys mentioned in my penultimate post also solved error 0x00000709 when setting the default printer.

Published on 2022-06-05, 13:14 +0000

Cisco ASA routing VPN traffic to the internet

We wanted to establish an IPsec site-to-site VPN between a Cisco ASA and a Sophos XG. The Sophos properly routed the traffic into the tunnel, but the Cisco didn't. It seemed like the VPN traffic was routed to the Internet, because a tracert showed a public IP address.

The solution was very simple: We just forgot to tick the NAT Exempt checkbox in the list of the connection profiles.

As far as I understand this, this is because the VPN connection is bound to an interface, where a default NAT rule might apply. Ticking this checkbox creates NAT exemption rules, preventing the default rule to apply.

Published on 2022-06-04, 09:36 +0000

Windows 7 forgets default printer

One might ask why we use Windows 7 in 2022, but hey, we didn't manage to migrate some applications...

After migrating a Windows 7 computer to another Windows domain, it started to forget its default printer. It always set HP ePrint or Microsoft XPS Writer as default printer.

After doing some research, I removed everything related to printers from the following registry keys:

HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices

After a reboot, the printers were reconnected using our group policies. And Windows finally remembered the default printer! I guess there were some old information which caused this behaviour.

Published on 2022-05-27, 19:28 +0000

MS Office activation window keeps popping up

I tried to install Microsoft Office 2016 on a computer with a preinstalled evaluation version of Office. The installation was successful and I was able to activate it, but on every start the activation window popped up and I was not able to close it.

On the first time this happened, I tried to remove all remains of Office using the uninstall tool, but it didn't work.
After doing some research, I found some forum posts stating that I have to remove all oncurrences of a certain ID from the registry. This did the trick.

Unfortunately, I didn't note down what registry keys I had to remove. When this happened on another computer, I did not find the forum post again. Fortunately, I found another post in a Microsoft forum. As it turns out, all you have to do is to delete the following registry key:


This worked perfectly for me. The activation window didn't pop up again.

Published on 2022-05-14, 11:53 +0000