Windows Server 2022 in WSUS

We installed our first server with Windows Server 2022. We didn't find Server 2022 as a product in WSUS. After googling, I found out that Windows Server 2022 is listed as Microsoft Server operating system-21H2 in WSUS:

WSUS Products and Classifications for Windows Server 2022

Published on 2022-03-08, 11:47 +0000

"Mandatory" errors when mail-enabling user

I tried to mail-enable a user, but I got the following error messages:

Database is mandatory on UserMailbox
(In german: Database ist für UserMailbox verbindlich)


ExchangeGuid is mandatory on UserMailbox
(In german: ExchangeGuid ist für UserMailbox verbindlich)

Using ADSI Edit, I found out that the user's msExchHomeServerName attribute contained a value pointing to a server not existing anymore. After deleting the attribute's value, I was able to mail-enable the user.

Published on 2022-03-07, 18:46 +0000

PCDENotes works with uWSGI

After finding out it works with Gunicorn, I also tested PCDENotes with uWSGI. It works too :)

Published on 2022-02-22, 19:02 +0000

PCDENotes works with Gunicorn

While PCDENotes (this web application) is provided using Apache and mod_wsgi on this server, I tried to run it with Gunicorn and nginx on my Raspberry Pi. It works :)

Published on 2022-02-21, 19:25 +0000

nginx: Proxying none or one defined query string

I wanted to build a reverse proxy configuration for a web app. But on a certain URL, I wanted to allow either none or one specific query string.

Here is a snippet from my nginx configuration:

location /my/app {
    if ($query_string !~ "(^$)|(^key=value$)") {
        return 404;

    proxy_pass https://app.example.local/my/app;

The regex (^$)|(^key=value$) does the magic. If the URL doesn't match on the regex, nginx returns HTTP status 404. If it does match, nginx proxies the request to the web app.

Published on 2022-02-20, 15:13 +0000